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    1. Katitude


      (My apologies if this is the wrong thread for this) Hiya people! It's been a hot moment, but I wanted to give a shoutout to all the builders, devs and staff! The server from a first glance had so many awesome changes, and I love the revamping of the discord server and website, along with all...
    2. Katitude

      Hello c:

      It's been awhile. I'm curious what new features have been added to this server since July 2019. :)
    3. Katitude

      A Long Run

      Hello Everyone, For those who know me, it's been a long journey since 2015 when I first joined. This server is a server I have spent the most money on, and all of my time as a former Sr Mod. A proud moment was when I achieved staff. In June 2015 (I believe) and I was promoted to Senior...
    4. Katitude

      Sure Has Been Awhile

      Hello HavoMC! It sure has been awhile, hasn't it? I wanted to have a general discussion about a few topics, out of the combination of sheer curiosity, and kindness. 1. Although I am merely a player as many, I would love to see responses to the Questionnaire I created for you all! I will show...
    5. Katitude

      TMD Idea Thread

      Here is a list of the changes the community wants, mixed with ideas I find would make the The Mining Dead more enjoyable.. The location of where each suggestion was found will be in a specific colour: Discord ~ Forums ~ In Game ~ Other - The server lost interest the moment TMDOP got...
    6. Katitude


      Hello HavocMC! So I'm clearly not the only one to have this idea, but I've found a way for this to benefit HavocMC in terms of gameplay, and financially. Pyzer (@MaddleJr) and I came up with this awesome idea! The Mining Dead could have helicopters implemented. There is one pilot, and 2-4...
    7. Katitude

      Wait.. what?

      Hope you all enjoyed the clickbait title, wanted to wish a very happy birthday to our admin, BenGermann!!! Hope you have a great day :)
    8. Katitude

      Another Thread

      Hello HavocMC! So I made this awhile back, and would like to re-introduce my HavocMC survey to get an update on any new or old bugs/glitches, as well as get more opinions and feedback for the server, community and staff. https://goo.gl/forms/lL20zIFUZ4UNTer52 These were the bugs/glitches...
    9. Katitude

      HavocMC Survey

      Hello HavocMC! I've decided to make a fun little survey for you all; it will always be a part of my signature as well! Be sure to fill it out! Once it gets 25 responses, it will be sent to the owners and Sr Mod!+ (Hateful responses will not be considered and will not count towards the...
    10. Katitude

      HavocMC and its future :)

      Hello HavocMC, So this is Katitude for anyone who isn't caught up with my name changed lol. I've noticed some rather toxic threads on the forums so I wished to conduct a rather kind, yet still constructive, thread for the community who has still remained loyal to HavocMC. For this, you don't...
    11. Katitude


      Not entirely sure where to find information regarding this, but is minecraft down for anyone else? I can't seem to log on, as I type the correct password(s) for both my accounts and it says "Could not connect to the server".
    12. Katitude


      Hello HavocMC! So I like to consider myself as a person of discussion and debate. I tend to think of random topics and giving my two sense into it. I've been reading this book called "Anxiety Toolkit" and I've been thinking about goals. Pursuing goals can be difficult ranging from how big your...
    13. Katitude

      Face Reveal?

      Hello HavocMC! So @twd_maggie gave me a splendid idea. Indeed I've already done a face reveal, but this thread could be straight up face reveals. The catch to this? No covering your face, and it's highly encouraged to use a Snapchat filter!!! I'll post a photo of myself if at least 5 people...
    14. Katitude

      Don't Make This Toxic

      Hello HavocMC! So a lot of players have been spreading around that TMD is "bad" or that the server is "dying". I've heard so many complaints, I've heard ideas on how to fix it, and I've heard players freaking out at staff who can't control the situation and do not deserve such treatment. Due to...
    15. Katitude

      To all players

      So since I am curious, I've decided to make a poll based on what you'd enjoy on the server more, just kind of me wanting to see people's majority opinion. Feel free to explain your vote answers in the comments below.
    16. Katitude

      Katitude's Important Poll

      Hello HavocMC! It's been a while, hasn't it. I recently resigned as staff due to personal issues, having a job, and homework. I have people messaging me asking me to come back, demanding me to come back, or asking if/when I will return. I love HavocMC and it's heartwarming to see people miss me...
    17. Katitude

      Woah Face Reveal

      Hello HavocMC, this is a face reveal for fun, but not a lot of staff did it so that's unfortunate but oh well, hope you enjoy! Possible Answers: Kendra707 Symortal Styrax SnoopyYaBoi Lateralization Katitude Mackiee MrMe5303
    18. Katitude

      To The Community

      Hello HavocMC! Update on my status + thanksgiving! Greetings, I'd like to announce that I have been quite inactive in game lately, and apologies to that. I am sure some have seen Sr Mod+ activity and mine is frowned upon, I can't agree more. I would like to remind everyone that you are fully...
    19. Katitude

      Important Bugs and Glitches Thread

      Hello HavocMC! It brings our attention that many bugs and glitches has occured following the update and we'd like to fix every possible bug. If you all were able to list each bug or glitch discovered and give a brief description, we will be able to pinpoint each error and fix it accordingly. We...
    20. Katitude

      Recent Confusion

      Hello HavocMC! I understand lately there has been a mass of confusion in the server, and I'd like to take the time to address some of the major concerning questions and let you all know the comment section can clear any other questions you have; I am glad to help you all, and I can't express my...