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    1. Tqns

      Staff staff staff...........

      Hello, My name is Tqns and I want to talk about how the staff act. I called someone a ginger 3x, got permanent muted without a warning or something. Then I asked DinoDerp_ on pm on discord for an answer, but he kept ignoring me. Then I asked it in helpop like 10 times, Nick banned me for 1 hour...
    2. Tqns

      Staff do their very best and I'm sorry for fighting

      I’m immature and have nothing better to do then bash staff on a minecraft server.
    3. Tqns


      Yo staff fix that their is a mute reset cuz people got unbanned while they were obvious breaking the rules and stuff and imo mute reset doesnt bother anyone, if they goin to be annoying just mute them again.
    4. Tqns

      Bring Back TMDO

      Hey, my name is Casey and I think it has to change to the old system. TMDO with spammable pains and 1 & 2 with 1 second cooldown. Those were fun times after the map update. Possibly bring back tmdop?? Have one of each regular (Pvp and non pvp) and have one or two tmd op servers. With the old...
    5. Tqns

      Ultimate crate pack for alt [30usd]

      Hello, my name is HeavilyToxic and I want to do an IRL Deal for my alt named Kyoraki which means, I give those items for a ultimate crate pack. The items are: 18x Jugg helmets 18x Jugg Leggings 27x Jugg boots 27x Jugg chestplates 8x Golden Barrets 11x Golden Crossbows 5x Gatlin Guns 128x...