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      Merry Christmas!

      As of recently, and as of the first time I've managed to do this, I've spent a lot of my money going into kits, what this means is a full riot kit, weapons, ammo, meds, food, water, etc, to new players. And ngl, as much as I've spent it's completely worth it Spread some love to new players...
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      Big brain owner time

      So as most people know the update that killed tmd, the combat update that added cool down times to medical items. The reasoning behind this update was "Balancing" and "Realism". As of recently: You can now quickly switch between 2 snipers and a sidearm and a automatic weapon all while...
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      Playing TMD, but when i record, its realistic.

      idfk if any of the mods im using to make this realistic is not allowed bc idfk but here is a list of mods I use to make it look pretty, if any of them are not allowed just say so so I don't use them on TMD dynamic surroundings moreplayermodels optifine forge