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    1. CraftTheftAuto

      November Blogpost

      Hello everyone - welcome to this month’s blogpost! Network Updates This past month has been quite busy! The halloween updates for all gamemodes have finally been released - we hope you enjoy them. You can read more about this down below. We’ve also added server-wide in-game emojis! There are 58...
    2. CraftTheftAuto

      September Blogpost

      It is indeed a shame minewars wasn't a success, a lot of work and money was put into the gamemode but as of right now we dont have the resources to manage and maintain it.
    3. CraftTheftAuto

      September Blogpost

      Hello everyone - welcome to this month’s blogpost! This one is a bit late, so let’s not waste any time and get right into it! Network Updates minerpro205 has joined the TMD team as gamemanager, he will take care of frequent updates and balance changes. Gamemode Updates The Mining Dead This...
    4. CraftTheftAuto

      July Blogpost

      Network Updates During last month, we've further fleshed out plans to re-organise our discord server. If everything goes as planned, you should be able to see the results of that within this month. Moving on to the actual games: One of our goals is to have event-related content to be more...
    5. CraftTheftAuto

      CTA 2v2 Tourney

      Your chance to become stronger and enhance your team’s strength is here finally, in a battle for fortune… a 2v2 PVP tourney! Fight your way through the ranks in a series of 2v2;'s duels against the teams of CTA. This will also help with getting ready for big tournaments and making your way up...
    6. CraftTheftAuto

      Problems with the new Pokémon server

      inhalets its called cta not gtm and you get cosmetic perks on there :)
    7. CraftTheftAuto

      cta pack unzip problems

      you are not supposed to make your own texturepacks
    8. CraftTheftAuto

      cta pack unzip problems

      I'm afraid that's not possible
    9. CraftTheftAuto

      cta pack unzip problems

      The CTA texture pack file is protected to prevent people from stealing textures/models as well as limited the amount of "custom" texture packs
    10. CraftTheftAuto

      CTA - Gang's bill

      we are currently not working on gangs so there is no set date when it will be implemented
    11. CraftTheftAuto

      cta: riots

      Riot gear is only available in vaults on PVP to make it more rare and increase its value
    12. CraftTheftAuto

      CTA - Gang's bill

      A gang bank account is already on our ideas list, when we start working on other gang related stuff it might be added as well