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    1. Rejante

      Better Than Skins?

      So, gun skins and such are easy to replicate with a guy like Chlnge, so what's the point of gun skins? Yes, we could keep gun skins, but there is a vast world full of guns to replicate. So, what I'm suggesting is- instead of gun skins- new guns, or gun variants. For example, instead of the...
    2. Rejante

      suggestion for idea and suggestion thing

      Literally redoing my whole post. This idea is meant mainly for getting suggestions acknowledged, as the community is being "ignored", so on and so forth. Anyways, indulging into the forum rank idea. This forum rank would be the "Suggestion Counselor", this rank would not have any unique perks...
    3. Rejante

      Textures! and stuff.

      Yep. If you didn't know I do textures. Armor and guns. (2D/3D.) Anyways, this thread is where you'll be able to critique my near mediocre textures! I also made this thread to get rid of the imgur links located in my signature. I'll probably keep them there. If you keep checking in on the...
    4. Rejante

      Escape From Tarkov Gamemode Megathread

      Hello, it's Rejante, if you hadn't known I'm back and better than ever. Anyways, getting onto the topic of this very long thread. (Which I have turned into paragraphs for better viewing purposes!) INTRODUCTION As of late, I have been getting into the game Escape From Tarkov. Despite it being...
    5. Rejante

      In Regards To Map Maker.

      After doing some digging into some update posts, I noticed a statement made after it's downtime, regarding it's temporary removal. With that being said, to all those wondering the status of it, here's the statement. (https://havocmc.net/threads/tmd-update-map-maker-news.5434/) "Map Maker As...
    6. Rejante

      ims bored, story time.

      I have a lot of time on my hands, so, STORY TIME! TMD was fun for me, when I first joined, I stared in amazement at the relics which you old players would know about, and are probably extremely mad about, le old map. I spawned into Alexandria, my most-likely-disappeared friend, DotSlashDabOnMe...
    7. Rejante

      New Military Armor?

      So, I've been making some armor pieces while I was bored. Since the server doesn't allow me to overlap the textures, it's been gathering dust rather than being used. So, I'm proposing this be added to Havoc, as the military armor at the moment is, rather, plain. So, without further ado, the...
    8. Rejante


      As the title may suggest, I WILL return soon. A friend of mine- @Celmaibunpilot has been going through a rough time recently, in game, and in life. He's pretty sad at the moment, and I guess until he enters therapy, or I somehow get him back into a stable mental condition with the force of...
    9. Rejante

      -Reply to Cel's thread (My actual last)

      Alright, so to start this damn post off, https://havocmc.net/threads/motivational-message-no5-tribute-to-rejante.3571/ was retold incorrectly. I noticed that my life was getting screwed up by the days, so I wouldn't have time for Havoc, these were factors in -Stopping PVP -Stopping Builder...
    10. Rejante

      Last Thread.

      As the title suggests, Bye.
    11. Rejante

      Real Life is Calling..?

    12. Rejante

      Cool Maps.

      So, apparently my forum post on Juh_Coh_Bee's oil rig was really popular. I was wondering, would you want more posts like that? If so, vote on that poll. Other than that, if you want me to check your map out, PM me on the forums, or on Map Maker. Good luck to y'all. Happy Valentines day. -Rejante
    13. Rejante


      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stolen_Valor_Act_of_2013 This kid said he was a veteran who toured in Iraq. He refused to say his name and rank, and sounded really young in chat. Of course, I can't judge people by their typing. Here's the screenshots. I just thought it was funny that I would...
    14. Rejante

      Oil Rig - Map Maker

      So, if you didn't know, me, Rejante, am a constant builder on Map Maker. Throughout my time here at map maker, some builds are astonishing. I've seen many things, from small towns, to fully fledged military bases. So, as the title suggests, what I have seen, is a builder. With extraordinary...
    15. Rejante


      Boredom brings you a lot of places. It brought me to build naval craft. But what happens, when it brings, more than one man? You get yourself a masterpiece. Here's the story. It started off with one man. MonFierre, he had a dream, that was, to build an Aircraft Carrier better than Rejante's. The...
    16. Rejante


      As you know, the friends list is a revolutionary invention. But the thing is... There's a cap. Which I find annoying, because I can't keep track of my builders, TMD teams, and friends at the same time. So my idea is pretty straightforward, make the cap infinite. I bet you popular kids can relate...
    17. Rejante

      More firearm access.

      We all know how it feels to be outgunned in a firefight, say a Barrett vs a gbarrett. This is a slightly more unfair fight, so I'm thinking making some guns that could match these OP legends. But with some disadvantages as well. Say for example, to counter the gbarrett, some sort of sniper or...
    18. Rejante

      More Stationary Vehicle Ideas?

      Okay, so vehicles are.. Well, everywhere. You see them on the freeway into Atlanta, you see it before you get your head blown off by that pesky 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, you see them in chests, and you even see them in that airbase. So, as you know I'm mainly hinting to my builds on MM...
    19. Rejante

      'Mo stuff

      So, I'm seriously bored with no computer. I'm stuck in a rom with my phone, and 3 brothers. So I've been sitting around on forums. So without further ado, mo' stuff ideas. Pipe bombs. A quick, craft able explosive combinding ammunition with car parts. More practical gun ideas. Attachments...
    20. Rejante

      Hard Decisions.

      I've come up with two jet models, the very modern F-35 Lighting II, and the widely-used AV-8 harrier, and I cannot decide which one to use. This is the Harrier AV-8 Jump Jet. This is the F-35C Lighting II I personally cannot choose which to use. So I'm leaving it to you.