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    1. SummonersJhift

      Songs to listen to

      This very important post will change the face of havoc forever. Also known as I’ll be listing some good songs and feel free to list your own. Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys If you enjoy rock music or enjoy a good song to workout to, this is it. A great beat along with the use of...
    2. SummonersJhift

      The True Religion that Everyone should follow

      Picture this, you are sitting on TMD and all the sudden the word "FALSE" pops up on the screen. This is great because it's a sign from our holy savior... False Horse. We have upgraded from a cult to a nation. We have spread across HavocMC and continue to grow within the server. Belief in the...
    3. SummonersJhift

      The closing of threads

      First off, I want to credit @Concurrence_ for making a thread originally on this topic. I and other staff would greatly appreciate if those who are asking for threads to be closed to re-read our forum rules. If a thread has nothing wrong with it, or that is deemed to be against our set...
    4. SummonersJhift

      TMD Survive

      The name isn't great, I'm aware. I saw this suggestion on discord that we should have a horde mode. But I was thinking we could have something like Call of Duty zombies, where you have to survive rounds and upgrade your weapons as the zombies get increasingly harder. Teams of 4-6 people are...
    5. SummonersJhift

      KOH in TMDPVP

      This idea comes from kit pvp servers that I play on. They have a KOH competition every couple hours, the winner gets a prize for holding a location until they have reached 100% control of it. I feel this could work if implemented as it can be moved from location to location. If the KOH was held...
    6. SummonersJhift

      The new team on the rise

      Hello everyone. I was playing TMDPVP, and I created a team. The team is "GarethIsHot" for my British friend @Grockey Message me if you'd like to join the best team havoc will ever see. I mean look at that face, how are you not attracted Msg me if you'd like to join,
    7. SummonersJhift

      How the whisperers benefit TMD

      The mining dead for a long time has had one walker, a simple walker. No different than a zombie in the real game of Minecraft. The whisperers add a new sense of difficulty and a new challenge to survive. When people complain about the whisperers, they aren't taking into consideration how they...
    8. SummonersJhift

      Stop what you're doing and read this.

      Hey. If you actually stopped, that's pretty cool of you. We need to bring awareness to the biggest problem with Havoc at the moment: Builders names not being colored in the tab. All you need to do is support this cause and we can make a difference. #BUILDERSRISEUP
    9. SummonersJhift

      Havoc Mc: Comeback or Fluke?

      Hello everyone, it's your favorite forums character here. Today I was debating with a good friend of mine on the future and the current state of havoc mc. He brought up some strong points and I think that I can make a conclusion on if HavocMc is experiencing the renaissance or it's going to end...
    10. SummonersJhift

      Spooky Month

    11. SummonersJhift

      The Updates - Positive/Negative

      First of all, I know I'm quite late on this. I was playing over the weekend and remembered the update and went through everything. KitPvP - Positives: - This brings back some of the old mining dead gameplay - Fun if you're a sniper KitPvP - Negatives: - Boring as all hell - You get sniped...
    12. SummonersJhift

      A word of Advice

      Don't go near Hilltop. Please, for your own sanity. Stay away from Hilltop on Tmd-3 and Tmd-4. You may save yourself from 20 years of nightmares. Please, don't do it. The cringe is too overwhelming for even the greatest of players to handle. You're welcome.
    13. SummonersJhift

      What are you doing...?

      *Ahem* Hello everyone! I'm bored and looking at the forums... five of the six last posts have been locked. I'll quickly tear up what people are saying about them. 1. Dragonicks: Dead Server "Many players say the server isn't dead, yet it is. The server use to get roughly 600-800 players...
    14. SummonersJhift

      New Update Debate

      I have yet to see anything, ya know positive about the update on the forums. My computer decided it wanted to die so I haven't been able to get on in over a month. What is the new update? Is it bad? What makes it bad? Or is it good? What makes it good? I'm neutral, convince me.
    15. SummonersJhift

      Ending Havoc Cop

      I will be ending Havoc Cop just to keep some positive reputation among those who hate me. I want to thank @Cat_Squirrel_Inc for her support and all of her help as she has led me to my decision today because I believe that she is basically what I strive to be on the server. She stands for what...
    16. SummonersJhift

      Spawn Protection

      While joining the server it takes me about ten seconds for my resource pack to load, during that time I'm being destroyed by a walker. Now a simple solution to this would be to get inside before you leave the server, but the problem is that if people have to leave suddenly and have the fear of...
    17. SummonersJhift

      Havoc Cop - Punishment Complaints

      Happy New Years everyone! For the first Havoc Cop of 2018, we will be looking at Punishment complaints on the forums. 1. You Did Something First off, to receive this punishment you obviously broke a rule. Now to say if how severe said punishment was fair or not, you must prove your point with...
    18. SummonersJhift


      Every time I try to join, it says "not authenticated with Minecraft.net"
    19. SummonersJhift

      Havoc Cop - The New Staff Member

      I'm so done with this staff. Jk, congrats Cat! You really have earned position and I know you will do the server all rights and do whats best! Even if it's on the server or on the forums!
    20. SummonersJhift

      Name change

      So I changed my name on MC today and it's still not showing up on here. Anyone wanna help?