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    1. DerKaempfer_HD

      TMD - Radioactivity | New Items & New Effect

      As said by nick, there is plans but nothing extremly concrete yet, seeing that this was posted 1 year ago, it is likely that it can still take a while. Development has other priorities at the time given. Ps. Try not to necropost; reviving long dead threads with more or less unnecessary replies.
    2. DerKaempfer_HD

      I've been falsely banned

      Appeal via discord.
    3. DerKaempfer_HD

      Glitched items and books pls help

      Was your issue fixed already?
    4. DerKaempfer_HD

      A guide on t4 zones

      Sup. No matter if you play tmd-pve or pvp, you want to get better loot at one point, but t2 and t1's are just too bad to get good stuff in a reasonable time, so you decide to loot a better area, but you have no idea how and where? Good, cuz imma give you a small guide on how to loot a better...
    5. DerKaempfer_HD

      27th Outpost

      Sup. Recently a few ingame friends and I established a base and thus our new team was born, the 27th Outpost. We are a chilled yet progressive team and overall just want to have a fun time while playing! Currently we are 3 players, with one beeing in another team atm, so theres room for you...
    6. DerKaempfer_HD

      Rework Quests

      Sup. Currently Quests are extremly specific, take long or are just way too hard for beginners and unappealing to long term players, like killing players with melee at Crawford or killing walkers with the medic kit especially infuriating for those that have a titan kit or just want to keep their...
    7. DerKaempfer_HD

      Sup, im a new member

      Sup. Been playing for a couple of weeks now. I like Zombie themed games, mc and couple of other things such as ██████. [ Missing Data ]. Other than that, I'm german. Für Ruhm und EHRE. You can recognize me by the "Sup" I greet you with (or by "Gl and hf to all" and other things). i do not...