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    1. IgnitingIce

      Accidental Time Travel (Website Rollback)

      Due to an unforeseen issue, the website database was rolled back 20 days. This means that any changes since the 2nd have been reverted (New posts, comments, tickets, applications, and user creations). If you had any active tickets or applications that were created since then they'll...
    2. IgnitingIce

      New Month, New Voting Rewards + Bug Fixes!

      Voting Changes It's a new month, and with this new month we bring new voting rewards! The entire vote reward system has been overhauled to make it more worthwhile for everyone with some pretty awesome rewards being added. The new reward structure is as follows: Supply Drops are obtained...
    3. IgnitingIce

      [Official] TMD Resource Packs [Download]

      Please click here to be redirected to where you can choose to download a resource pack for your proper version of minecraft.
    4. IgnitingIce

      [Official] New Pack, Old Guns [Download]

      Since the release of our latest custom resource pack, many of you have asked for the old gun textures back. While we are not going to revert our pack in its entirety as our newest pack should run better and be easier to download all around, we understand that some of you will still prefer our...
    5. IgnitingIce

      Future of TMD's Map

      We've seem several people saying they want the "old map" back. While we aren't going to revert our map to an old outdated one when our builders have spent countless hours making brand new map content, we are open to incorporating factors and ideas from the many older maps into future iterations...
    6. IgnitingIce

      The Mining Dead Major Update + Contest News!

      As most of you have noticed by now, the Mining Dead gamemode has been updated! We've been working out some bugs the last few days and will continue to do so, but I think it's finally time to make a list of what all has changed. New Map First and foremost, the entire map has been re-made...
    7. IgnitingIce

      Happy Halloween + Contest!

      Halloween Hub Happy Halloween! We've updated our Hub to match the "Halloween Spirit." This hub will be active through the rest of October. Contest Update With one week left in the Haunted House Contest, you can now submit your maps! Simply type /submit while in your map. Haunted House...
    8. IgnitingIce

      The MangledFury Situation + Dupers

      I'm making this thread to inform some people of all the circumstances surrounding MangledFury's ban specifically as well as other users who have duped. For MangledFury's situation specifically, I tried to leave a comment on his video, however it seems he has "hidden" it from being seen, so I'm...
    9. IgnitingIce

      New Month + Top Voter Rewards + August Voting Contest!

      New Month Today marks the start of the month of August! This means that all monthly bonuses are refreshed! Today is also the last day of our 25% off sale in the shop so be sure take advantage of that while you can! Unfortunately the new month also marks the end of the double voting...
    10. IgnitingIce

      Vehicles! + Small Bug-fix Update!

      Vehicles are Back! Cars have come back to The Mining Dead! We know this has been long awaited by many and we thank you for your patience. These vehicles spawn in certain loot chests around that map so keep an eye out for cars / motorcycles wherever you go! Vehicles may also be...