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    1. UterZorker

      TMDC map "rediscovered"

      https://imgur.com/gallery/37N6sOm I was on my profile of the old forrums and found this in my pictures. Obviously some of the locations like Fort Garrison are not on the 1.7 map however most everything on this map is game.
    2. UterZorker

      Stop "hacking"! Don't use "auto's" you "noob"!

      These two idea has been around for all of TMD's history and frankly were factors that lead to its previous fall. The accusation of hacks is a silly one*, if you think some one is hacking they probably aren't. It's as simple as that. Very rarely will it be clear some one is hacking. Most of...
    3. UterZorker

      Life Lives On

      First off I would like to make thing clear, this isnt about the server dying because frankly its not. Its about why it was and why it is no longer dying. The new age of TMD. The seemingly random actions of the owners, such as the removal of MW, the abandonment of HH and, etc. are all perfectly...
    4. UterZorker


      Walkers where buffed in the last update. It has ruined the game we are not role-players we dont need pvp ruined by walkers. If there is even a tiny amount of lag your death is almost guaranteed if your in a pvp situation. The walkers spawn much to quickly are much to fast and do way to much...
    5. UterZorker

      The Greatest Video Ever

    6. UterZorker

      I am a meme

      Today I was muted for spamming something that I wont say here for my own sake. Why? for 250k why else! I cant talk so figure I'd tell yall. Even tho this will be lost like all my other threads! xD
    7. UterZorker


      There is that weird GhostCat memorial server who where they and what happened to them?
    8. UterZorker

      One simple fix.

      The new meta on reg tmd is horrible completely ruined however it is very very easy to fix this post wont be long but I hope it will go a long way. 1. Allow players to move when using meds That way tanking would be made better thus making higher amour tiers better however the cool down would...
    9. UterZorker


      Hey everyone heres a little picture you might want to see. A glitched scar called R700. (It is a bolt action sniper).
    10. UterZorker

      TMD Classic comments and concerns

      Hey its me Butter again this is a short list of some observations in the new game mode. 1. Add a tutorial many new players or those who have never experienced this kind of game mode are very lost when it comes to how to play so here is the idea: Add a tutorial it would go over some strategies...
    11. UterZorker

      EULA summary

      Hey everyone it's me. I feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed because it is just plain dumb. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about what the EULA will actually do and people keep asking the same questions over and over. 1. Will I lose my rank perks No any current ranks...
    12. UterZorker

      Drop rates of stuff in chests?

      Hi I got myth today and now infinite money is next on my to do list. Myth comes with monthly crates ie. legendary and mythical. What are the drop rates of everything in these?
    13. UterZorker

      Buying bones

      Hey people very rarely a skeleton horse will spawn and it can drop bones i would like some for my collection! Thanks!
    14. UterZorker

      A Picture says a thousand words

      I have nothing to say 1 person
    15. UterZorker

      Mail system with friends

      So I was playing earlier when I encountered a problem. I wanted to talk to a friend who I knew was going to come back online soon but I wanted to do something else for a bit. So I thought what if you could send your friends mail for when they came back online! How it would work like so...
    16. UterZorker

      The future of HAVOCMC

      I've seen a lot of helpful criticism and well complaining. By both mature people and 5 year old's who claim to be 11. But those post's say it all the server is dying I dont care that it is I will play until I leave again. I remember the days when it felt like I was on top of the world everybody...
    17. UterZorker

      Nothing like glitched gear!

      Hey people its me as you might know I collect glitched gear! I'm happy to take it off your hands and give the best prices I can! I will also start selling some gear as soon as I know its legal!
    18. UterZorker

      Theres more out there

      This morning I spawned onto TMD-1 for the first time in a while... and I fell from the sky into water. The pack loaded and I swam in a random direction my cords were in the 4000's then I found an Island it was not made by the builders it was completely randomly generated. Can somebody tell me...
    19. UterZorker

      Im back and actually for real

      Hey everybody who knows me and those who don't Im the strange guy at number 3 on most post's that nobody knows (at least I assume that's what people think) anyway ive been hanging out on TMD-3 come say hi!
    20. UterZorker


      im sirbutteralotIII im not new around here nor am i gonna stay here im third for most posts if you remember me HI! if not good to meet you anything else i should say? no im probably good