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    1. Tawdster

      June Blogpost

      woo hoo
    2. Tawdster

      Whatever life has in store for you, just know you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way...

      Whatever life has in store for you, just know you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way, with people by your side to support you!
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    4. Tawdster

      Support Ticket

      I just want to check if the support tickets aren't available to just me or if it's a bug and can't be opened in general. I'm pretty sure it's just for me though but I want to create a support ticket.
    5. Tawdster

      Season 11

      Hmm, I seriously thought it said TWD discussion, not TMD. Whats new on the server, y'all???
    6. Tawdster

      Season 11

      Who's ready for season 11 of the Walking dead???
    7. Tawdster

      Its ok

      Its ok
    8. Tawdster

      Football Field Project?

      Has anyone ever played the game, The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts? If you haven't, it's about Daryl's back story and his path during the first outbreak. Anyways, at the end of the game, Daryl makes it to Atlanta, right when it got over swarmed with walkers. The military were held up at...
    9. Tawdster

      Is Hershel's Farm still a good place to loot?

      I don't know if Hershel's Farm is popular but is it still one of the best sights to loot at? I think it was back in the day but I don't know anymore!
    10. Tawdster

      Walkers Breaking Certain Items.

      I think walkers should be able to break certain blocks. For instance walkers should be able to break glass or doors. I think walkers should also be able to break barricades.
    11. Tawdster

      /warp Tawdola

      Museum- About my Island and other Islands Spawners- There will a section for spawners (Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Skeletons, Zombies, and Spiders) Lounge area- Treasure hunts, food, slot machines!! Warp coming out, Jan 31st.
    12. Tawdster

      Hi!! I'm Tawdster.

      You'll see me from time to time on the Mining Dead. Depending on what day it is. Feel Free to say hi to me sometime!! If you do I'll give you some money!!
    13. Tawdster

      Coming in late