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    1. Wither_Aura

      is the $20 shop voucher substitute real money?

      after you vote 150 times you get a 20 voucher , im also wondering how to use it when i get one , anyways , i was wondering if the voucher substitute's real money ?
    2. Wither_Aura

      what looting places is better CDC , prison , or sanctuary

      im curious because all three have very good loot imo ,the sanctuary armory is filled with atleast 8-10 military duffle bags ,prison has allot as well , and so does cdc im just wondering which one to go to for while
    3. Wither_Aura

      petition to add the potato gun

      com admins it'll epic you shoot a potato and it does 1mil damage and ignores your armor it also one hits bases also the potato armor you need 8 stacks of golden potatoes and full juggernaut to craft one pice of potato armor the best set in the game
    4. Wither_Aura

      is juggernaut a crate exclusive ,or can you find in some places?

      im just curious because ive never found one , i kinda want a set , also do you get full juggernaut after you vote 150times?
    5. Wither_Aura

      me and my friend just claimed a base

      title says it all folks , also side story , we pulled up , and then some jugernaut chad pulled up , but luclkly we claimed it first , :);)
    6. Wither_Aura

      how does one break open the metal trap doors at foxworth base near mallow bridge safe zone

      im curious how to break them because there is like 5 cameo duffle bags in a hanger in fox worth base , there is also some more at belport harbor , on a coast guard ship , near the aircraft carrier , me and my friend tried rpg's , grenades ,grenade launchers , and none worked ,so please halp
    7. Wither_Aura

      make bandits not spawn in the water

      its quite annoying when you try to swim the the air craft carrier and bandits are like " allow us to introduce ourselves " and clap me like nothing
    8. Wither_Aura

      wuz up

      hi fellow people
    9. Wither_Aura

      what's the best way to get money?

      i currently have full riot gear , katana barret 50 cal and some other things , but im dirt broke and the only source of money i have is , die, respawn and salvage what i can , go to a safe zone , sell my stuff ,repeat.