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    Hello! My name is Zeth. I'm a Fresh player to Minecraft who Started Yesterday. My Buddy IRL UnbornSage bought me this game as a Present for my Birthday which is April 2nd :3

    I've only been here since last night and this morning at about 4:41 AM. But the Community is Extremely nice and Friendly and i just wanted to say that on the Forums. "Most of the Community Anyway" I barely joined TMD-1 and someone just handed me 3 Duffle bags and then showered me with items. Then someone else gave me 5K cash for my B-Day. Which was Quite Nice.

    I'm Not sure Exactly what the Rules are since i haven't read them yet but i noticed a few weird things.

    1: Every time i use the Compass to join TMD-1 i get sent back to the tutorial i already completed. Which i don't really like since it just wastes time o3o

    2: You don't seem to Accept any type of payment except Paypal or Paywall. And i Have a Chase Debit Card. So i'm not really appreciative of this since i want to take advantage of the sale and buy myself an Extra Vault.

    3: Yesterday the VIP rank was 75 ads, and now its 250? Whats with the sudden Change?

    Anyways i hope you all have a great time, ill be in game as a Merchant, Trading and Selling items in TMD-1 and TMD-2 Since Unborn said that was the best thing to do, and Exploring on Non-PVP Servers.

    See ya,


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    Welcome to HavocMC, I believe that I've already met you in game. Anyways, message me on the forums if you need help.
    P.S. Tell UnbornSage I said hi.



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    I'm a bit late.
    Welcome to HavocMC and it's forums, glad to have you hear. If ya need anything, make sure you let me (I'm better than Wavy) know.

    I'm not sure as to why the compass sends you to the tutorial. If you're still having the issue, try connecting with /server TMD-1.

    I believe the amount of ads for VIP was raised due to the small amount being unfair on those who have used their money to purchase ranks.

    I'm not the person to answer your questions about payment methods.

    Hopefully this helps in some way.

    - Beet.


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    Thanks @Beetley for the Advice. But i already tried /server TMD-1 and it still puts me in the tutorial :(

    Also this week i may not be online as much.