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    Hi, I'm Rommel! (or "GUNZxNxROSEZ"... that works, too.)

    I'm a 18 year old who's currently going to University of Phoenix and work at Xbox as a Billing Analysis & Enforcement. I am from Florida, New York and Dominican Republic. I can say that I am a latino nerd :p

    I'm most well known on Enjin and on the Xbox Forums. I work and play at home all day as well as do my classwork online (http://www.phoenix.edu)..

    Aside, from Minecraft I am a full-time Xbox Specialist on the Enforcement Team and Ambassadors Program. The Enforcement Team is an extremely difficult position to be at within Xbox: second to last position within Xbox. My role is to process reported gamertags/accounts, issue out punishments to accounts and/or consoles, view cases (appeals) and make sure that Xbox is kept safe!

    I currently live with my dad and I visit my mom occasionally when she visits me in Orlando or I go down to Miami or New York depending on where she is (she's like a puppy who doesn't stay still!) I also have a 4 year old brother who I love so dearly much and I enjoy seeing him grow so fast!

    I love travelling to conventions around the world to meet my co-workers , friends, and those that look up to me. It's really humbling!

    I don't mean to be a little braggy, however I am very well at multitasking and time management! I manage to get all of what I do finished with one day and still have enough time to hang out with some friends online and have some personal time.

    I'm always looking to talk to anyone about anything, I am a extremely open and outgoing person, haha. Feel free to get in contact with me using one of the links below!

    That's about it! Thanks for visiting!

    Website & Contact Details
    You can visit my website at: https://gunzxnxrosez.com and you may contact me at https://gunzxnxrosez.com/contact
    Orlando, FL





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