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      kicked every time I load the server textures.

      yes I know that, but the downloaded pack doesnt have textures for special items like christmas items from special events
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      kicked every time I load the server textures.

      Whenever I load the server textures, it kicks me and says "sending too many packets" help
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      HELP (mine wars)

      So I'm stuck on the planet Ilum in mine wars. I cant use the travel to get out, and I can't access shops. I've rejoined the game, restarted my client. I even got a mod to try to get me out, but it didn't work. What do I do? Please help.
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      What has happened to the warzone map?

      So recently, I went on warzone and found the tank kit to be nerfed. Then I stepped onto the map, and god it's horrible. There are barricades spammed all over and buildings have holes in them. Is this considered an "update" cuz all it's done is cause heavy lag while I play on warzone.