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      kicked every time I load the server textures.

      i was having "u r sending too many packets" but now i havent that :) (on lunar when u load server tx pack lunar wanna crash)
    2. milek0702

      cta pack unzip problems

      but when i make it in texture pack
    3. milek0702

      cta pack unzip problems

      cuz i wanna make assault to look like an riot
    4. milek0702

      cta pack unzip problems

      hi i need help why i cannot unzip this file i got an error when i try to unzip this
    5. milek0702

      CTA - Gang's bill

      when this can be released? @CraftTheftAuto
    6. milek0702

      cta: riots

      ok i got an cool idea add tear gas u can buy it in npc shop for 300$ and u can put it into your granade launcher
    7. milek0702

      cta: riots

      Excuse me can riots in cta be also buyable in npc shop?
    8. milek0702

      problems with wiki

      i cannot login to cta wiki pls help me