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    Do you hate it when someone steals your items from a kill or just in general?

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    SpiritedAway_ SpiritedAway_
    Recently I have been killing people off of their own speeders. But I mostly never get the items because someone always sweeps in and takes the items. Today Alkruel did that. Not only did Alkruel do that, but Alkruel has been very salty for the past weeks. In fact he keeps on calling everyone a noob, he doesn't know he is one.
    I am asking for this server to be more polite by doing the following:
    A. Not taking other people's items when they kill someone.
    B. No speeder stealing
    C. Less saltiness.
    I hate to see when someone swoops in and takes the speeder, and items to my kill.
    I hope you guys acknowledge the thread and take it seriously


    New member
    You have to acknowledge that this is a post-apocalypse server, which means humanity is put to test, if people lied to you, stole from you, or took your life, there are no excuses other than blaming yourself for trusting them; it is part of the game. And yes, being salty is really irritating (All those flavors and they chose salt). Lastly, if you ever followed the Walking Dead (which you definitely should), you probably knew about the Governor and how he treats the survivors out there. Remember those soldiers? (If you watched Season 3)


    Katitude Katitude

    Please do not make a thread to complain about others; this post was unnecessary and slightly rude. If someone isn't following the rules, please report them and they will be dealt with.
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