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  • A Late Introduction :)


    Katitude Katitude
    (Since I never came around to making an introduction on the old website, I figured I should make one eventually so here it is.)
    Hello, some players may know me as Katitude, one of the HavocMC Helpers. :p
    When I Joined HavocMC: September 27th, 2015.
    The Things I Love/Enjoy: Music, roller derby, poetry, food, and helping people.
    Two Quotes I Like: "Humanism At Its Peak" and "Obscurity Is My Shadow."
    My favorite colour: Brown.
    Nationality: Canadian.
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
    Favorite Walking Dead Character: Glenn. <3
    If you have any random questions about me, I may answer them in the comments (Depending on what the question is and if you do so, please make it appropriate) and if you ever need anything on HavocMC, feel free to pm me. :)


    Sarge4id Sarge4id
    Kat is super awesome, and so is the rest of the staff. But anyone that's been here for a while knows Kat (and Melody) is everywhere, helping as many people as they can, and reminding people of the proper ways to sort out issues or appeals.