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    9clay 9clay
    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I'd make an introduction thread for myself. I'm not necessarily a new player, although I have taken quite the break from The Mining Dead. I'd say I was most active over the course of 2016-2018. My previous alias was 'Chvf,' I was one of the few leaders of the notorious team Myth. I've been on over the last few days and haven't seen any familiar faces, that's why I am introducing myself, again! Before I had quit Minecraft for some time, TMD was by far my favorite server and it's very nostalgic to be back. Looking forward to grinding again and hoping the community is still active and big into wars as it was previously! The huge team wars that we used to have were insanely fun and I'm hoping to get back into it!

    So, let's see how this goes. :devilish:

    - 9clay