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  • August Blogpost


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    Hello everyone, welcome to this month’s blogpost! We’ve worked on quite a few things during last month, so let’s get right into it!

    Network Updates

    As mentioned in the last blog post, we’re changing a few things on our discord server. These changes will be mostly of cosmetic nature, with the main goal being that navigating through the discord server becomes easier. For example, we’ve re-made the #faq, #rules, and #resource-packs channels to be easier on the eyes, and we’ll make further adjustments this month.

    Gamemode Updates

    The Mining Dead
    A lot of you have been waiting for a TMD update; and so we’re happy to say that TMD has received quite a few changes this month!
    This update saw the introduction of 3 new golden weapons: the Golden Gatling Gun, the Golden P90 and the Golden AK47, as well as the new tier 3 lmg, the Tokyo Marui! Perhaps even more exciting, the new Commonwealth Armor has been added! Furthermore, some weapons now have a different tier, and a new tier, the mythical tier, has been added - this new tier will be used for event items. We hope these changes help new players get a better understanding of the weapons.
    With this update, the new restriction regarding the base limit of 3 bases per person on their main account is being enabled. If you still own more than 3 bases, you are required to sell them - otherwise, they will be force sold after August 13th. Owning bases on alternative accounts as well as managing bases for inactive players in order to bypass the base limit is not allowed.
    To make participation in wars easier and fairer, teams are now seperated between each TMD server and you can no longer join or leave a team that is participating in a war.
    You can read the entire changelog in-game by typing /changelog!
    We have also hosted the first PvP event on TMD in quite a while- the winners of that were:
    #1 - DantesBaby
    #2 - IAteSheep
    #3 - Burnful
    Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoy the prizes! If you didn’t get to participate, don’t worry- we’ll be hosting more events like this in the future. Keep an eye out!

    Craft Theft Auto
    Last month we talked about a smaller follow-up update to complement the recent Law&Order Update. We’re still working on that, however, it got delayed due to pressing technical issues on CTA. A bug occurred that caused a select few players’ profiles to break, so fixing this has been our top priority. While the underlying issue has not been resolved yet, a patch is on its way and will be released shortly. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that we can soon focus on content updates again!

    As usual, we have also hosted a PvP event this month- the winners of that were:
    #1 - Breezepelt
    #2 - Somh
    #3 - Drewman21
    Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoy the prizes! If you didn’t get to participate, don’t worry- we’ll be hosting more events like this in the future. Keep an eye out!

    Last month, the Lottery was added to Towny. Voting rewards have been updated, and 10 new custom enchantments have been released.

    Other Things

    Top Voters
    We thank you all for voting - as always, the top voters will receive a reward.
    The top voters this month are:
    1st Place - reinbaby
    2nd Place - Pogrebokk
    3rd Place - Lindsay2003
    4th Place - Drxgg
    5th Place - DaSyllabus
    6th Place - UnbanKareem69
    7th Place - Zxero1
    8th Place - MystiqEevee2001
    9th Place - JBo88
    10th Place - Mean2000Machine
    You can claim your reward by sending a DM to Gemma#0224 on Discord.

    Staff Applications

    Do you want to get involved in the creation of our gamemodes? Then you should think about joining our wonderful staff team. The following positions are currently open:
    Build Team - https://havoc.games/builder-application
    Moderation Team - https://havoc.games/staff-application

    That’s it for this post - see you next month!