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  • CTA 2v2 Tourney


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    Your chance to become stronger and enhance your team’s strength is here finally, in a battle for fortune… a 2v2 PVP tourney! Fight your way through the ranks in a series of 2v2;'s duels against the teams of CTA. This will also help with getting ready for big tournaments and making your way up! (Also another way to get money because who doesn’t like money :)?)

    This event will be PVP-oriented in a series of 2v2 duels between teams, in which the team of each battle proceed to the next round until the triumphing players emerge. Anyone can sign up by posting their name as it appears in-game in the comments at no cost to them. The prizes for the top three players are listed below. Everyone participating will be rewarded with 25 thousand dollars and a legendary crate!

    3rd place receives $150,000 dollars on CTA

    2nd place receives $250,000 dollars on CTA

    1st place receives $500,000 dollars on CTA with 1 cosmetic crate (each)

    On top of all the money the top three placers gain, they will also get 5 legendary crates each!

    This will be held on March the 5th at 4 P.M EST on the CTA PVP server. The day before the tournament begins, a public document will be posted that displays all the scheduled battles. Your Team will be paired with your opponent with a random name generator; no one gets to choose what team they fight in order to keep things fair. In order for the tournament to commence, at least eight players need to sign up! We are only allowing 16 players in small tournaments so sign up quickly and so there will be 8 teams all together.

    In order to keep things fair for everyone and to prevent the possibility of players trying to sabotage, a few rules will be set in advance. Breaking these rules will result in your disqualification from the tournament. You are not allowed to interfere with battles, nor can you be present at a duel that you are not a part of. You are responsible for your own gear, and your inventories are not guaranteed to be kept upon losing a battle; the opponent has the option of keeping your loot if they decide to as an additional reward for their victory. Grenade launchers, RPGs, and any other explosives are not allowed to be used in the tournament, neither are potions! Do not be tardy for your duel, and do not miss any of the deadlines mentioned in the "When?" section. Your opponent will automatically become victorious if you fail to show up for your fight in time. Participating twice (with alt accounts or similar) is forbidden. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified from this tournament and possibly from future ones.

    Sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dGFPm5_UCKpmnQ3FVdveO49dQgouT-7MhHg6KnsLdVQ/edit?usp=sharing