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    This is a small guide for the Plot Server of our Network.

    Be aware that currently due to an issue, the plot world is inaccessible to not staff/build team members. This will be fixed soon.

    What is the plot server?

    The plot server is a gamemode dedicated entirely to claiming plots of land and building things on it.
    No rank perks, no special features, just building in creative mode.
    It runs on the Minecraft Version 1.9. (This could change in the future)

    Why should you play on the plot server?

    You can be more creative on this realm than any other and showcase or train building skills.
    In some way and form, we will also host special events for the community to take place in, for gamemodes such as The Mining Dead, Craft Theft Auto and more!

    Try out World-Edit or Voxelsniper, two widely used tools in map making, or just make a small build for a builder application, the sky's the limit!

    How do I join and start?

    First off, join the Build 2 Server via typing /server build-2 in chat. This will take you directly to the spawn location of the world.
    Then simply write /plot auto and claim your first plot. Done!

    Feel free to look around and view other people's builds, you can also rate them with /plot rate.

    Important Info

    Be aware of our rules. Building anything inappropriate will lead to a plot reset and in most cases a ban and exclusion from joining the build team, this could also be extended to staff team.

    This also includes griefing in any way.

    Further, do not create laggy builds.
    Redstone is deactivated regardless, there is no use in building a lag machine or trying to spawn in loads of entities.
    Tnt is also not usable.

    Plots seen as "not used" will be cleared every once in a while, this mainly comes down to small builds or just plain grass plots.

    Should you want to get more plots or merge various ones or have questions in general, message a higher up build team member.
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