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  • Halloween 1v1 PvP Tournament!

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    Velaine Velaine
    **Halloween PvP Tournament**
    Hello everyone! Max and I are once again hosting a 1v1 PvP tourney on CTA!
    This tourney works the same as the ones before - You’ll be paired with a random opponent, and the winner gets to the next round until one player remains. To participate, sign up at the link below and be online on the CTA PvP server at the time mentioned. Your duel might not start instantly, as other duels might happen before yours. A bracket with all the scheduled battles will be posted the day before the event. This event will be hosted by max and I, so contact us for any further questions.

    **Date:** October 29th, 2 P.M. EST
    **Location:** CTA PvP Server
    **Registration:** https://forms.gle/EUBC7jC9G31ZVmvX6

    **Prizes** (CTA-specific items & currency)
    3rd place: $250k + special cosmetic head
    2nd place: $500k + special cosmetic head
    1st place: 1 million dollars + special cosmetic head!

    Each participating player will also get $50k and a special item!

    Outside players are not allowed to interfere with battles
    Players bring their own gear - the winner decides if they want to keep their opponent’s gear
    Players are not allowed to bring potions or explosive weapons
    Participating with multiple accounts is not allowed

    P.S This tournament needs to have at least 16 players signed up!
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