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    Tactical_Fox48 Tactical_Fox48
    I know how busy the current staff can get, but replies are very slow.

    Three days ago, I sent an appeal because I was banned for something I didn't do. I didn't get a response until the next day. I found out that I was banned due to a misunderstanding that I had to explain. I sent the explanation two days ago, and still had no reply. This morning, I created another Support Ticket with my explanation in it, and I still don't have a reply. I think adding more staff members specifically for answering questions/ reviewing Support Tickets would greatly reduce the time it takes to get back to another person.


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    The_HX_Gamer The_HX_Gamer
    Support Tickets take a long time to respond to, there is a lot of them to deal with daily, I'm sorry they haven't dealt with yours yet, however I'm sure they will :). I do think assigning more staff to support tickets would be very helpful to a lot of players that would like their questions and issues to be responded to fast.