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  • New Month, New Voting Rewards + Bug Fixes!


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    Voting Changes
    It's a new month, and with this new month we bring new voting rewards! The entire vote reward system has been overhauled to make it more worthwhile for everyone with some pretty awesome rewards being added. The new reward structure is as follows:

    Supply Drops are obtained every 10, 25, and 75 votes (these counters are not reset at the end of each month):
    • Every 10 votes - Basic Supply Drop (Tier 3 Gear)
    • Every 25 votes - Elite Supply Drop (Tier 4 Gear)
    • Every 75 votes - Juggernaut Supply Drop (Legendary Gear)

    The bottom seven rewards are based upon your monthly votes and consist of:
    • 5 monthly votes - A Rare Crate
    • 25 monthly votes - A Godly Crate
    • 50 monthly votes - A Legendary Crate
    • 75 monthly votes - 10x Camo Cases
    • 100 monthly votes - One of each Legendary Weapon
    • 120 monthly votes - A full Juggernaut Armor Set
    • 140 monthly votes - A Shop Voucher worth $50
    Here's a look at the new Voting Rewards menu where you can keep track of your votes and how close you are to a specific reward! This menu accessed by doing /vote and clicking the prompt to "View All Voting Rewards."
    Speaking of /vote, the vote links have gotten a new book menu themselves! This menu keeps track of which links you've already voted on in a day.
    On a final note for voting, Voting Crates are back! You may chose to use your single vote on either a slot machine spin or opening a voting crate now. Start voting now to get to that $50 Shop Voucher! Remember, some voting sites will even let you vote more than once per day ;).

    Continued Bug Fixes and Patches
    As for some news of what else we've been working on lately, we just lowered walker pathfinding range as we continue to look into lag spikes. We are also looking into reports of rubber banding, a bug with motorcycles, and a bag related glitch causing users to no longer be able to move items in their inventory. These issues making the game hard to play are a priority for us as we continue to work to squash these bugs. The /team info command was also just updated to properly allow for viewing the info of other teams.

    For further, more frequent updates of what changes and fixes we're making, check out our #developer-changelog channel in our community discord (havocmc.net/discord). That's all the updates we've got for you for now. Thanks for all the continued feedback on our latest update!