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  • October Blogpost


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    Hello everyone - welcome to this month’s blogpost!

    Network Updates
    Summer is over and fall is here, and that means it will get spookier not just in real life, but here on havoc as well! Be on the look out for some spooky changes this month🍁👻

    Gamemode Updates

    The Mining Dead
    Last month, we’ve fixed the /rules command, broken damage calculation with katanas, and cooldown issues with medical items. Barricade prices have been increased to $36, and barricades now give 2 wood per scrap. This may not sound like much, but behind the scenes we’ve been working on more, for example new walker variations. Stay tuned for that!

    Last month on towny, 17 new custom achievements have been added. Besides this, changes to the lottery have been made: the lottery now takes place every 2 days, and if only one player signs up, the money will be refunded to that player, and lastly, the base pot of the lottery is now 50k. A september crate has also been released. Other notable changes include: advancements will no longer be announced in the resource world, a death counter has been added to the tab menu, and Upgradeable Armor MK. VI has been released. We hope you enjoy these changes!

    Craft Theft Auto
    In September, we’ve released a quality of life patch. This patch focused on changing things and fixing bugs from the Law and Order update, for example there have been added new ‘wanted’ tags and the way that robbing a bank and breaking out of jail works has been changed. You can read the detailed changelog in-game using /changelog or on our Discord server.
    We’ve also continued to work on new updates, with one of them releasing soon, so stay tuned!


    As usual, we have also hosted a 1v1 PvP event this month- the winners of that were:
    #1 - LordJackEscobar
    #2 - Crittts
    #3 - Bisleri_Vodka

    Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoy the prizes! If you didn’t get to participate, don’t worry- we’ll be hosting more events like this in the future. Keep an eye out!

    Top Voters
    We thank you all for voting - as always, the top voters will receive a reward.
    The top voters this month are:
    1st Place - Fienismus_HD
    2nd Place - OkayMaybeImASimp
    3rd Place - Smiler22
    4th Place - MzOreo
    5th Place - DrDiamondSlayer
    6th Place - ttopacosta
    7th Place - Ispanico06
    8th Place - CrookedDeckk
    9th Place - freecoko_coko
    10th Place - ChayanME
    You can claim your reward by sending a DM to Gemma#0224 on Discord.

    Staff Applications
    Do you want to get involved in the creation of our gamemodes? Then you should think about joining our wonderful staff team. The following positions are currently open:
    Build Team - https://havoc.games/builder-application
    Moderation Team - https://havoc.games/staff-application

    That’s it for this post - see you next month!
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