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    PogItsThunder40 PogItsThunder40
    Hi all, I'm not sure how active the forums are anymore. For anyone who does read this, you may remember me if you've been on the forums for a couple years or longer. I used to be super active on here and after passing through Atlanta, I got inspired to come back and write something.
    I don't play on Havoc as much as I used to sadly, but I plan to get back on the server more.

    As for the purpose of this thread and as far as (re)introducing myself, I'm a massive fantasy and TWD fan, though I'm not caught up on s9 or 10, really (no spoilers, please!). I liked to roleplay on the server when it was still a thing, and I still try despite very few roleplayers. Whenever I'm online, I'm usually on TMDPVE or maybe PVP1 or Warzone.
    That's all, hope to be back soon, I missed this server.