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  • Removing Tunnel Exits On TMDC

    So What Do You Think?

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    Loftt Loftt
    So, I remember when I first saw the tunnels on tmdc and I liked them at first and thought they were a unique idea, when Valp added these tunnels he left open multiple ways to get out or to enter.
    When Valp first added them they got all of the attention, and many players still use these to get out sooner, or
    in any other case to run away from others players they are intimidated by. Many players prefer to use these
    tunnels to get out of combat or to do a hit and run, and no I do not mean in a car, but these players will drop
    exactly where the hole is, jump and shoot or possibly kill someone, but as soon as another player attempts to
    kill this “runner” we’ll call it the runner instantly runs and hides to get back into the safezone, so I do believe that
    the tunnel exits should be removed, or when you are in combat, and you continue to run inside of a safezone you should be combat tagged, and once you enter the safezone and, are still under the combat tag timer you are still able to be killed, in this case running into the safezone you can still be killed instead of running, I do know once a player kills someone and is going to go into the safezone to store loot, they could still be killed. So in that case I think the best and easiest solution would be to just destroy these exits, I do believe this would help with a lot of the issues, such as people cursing or being really rude to players, for running mid fight.