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    Hi Havoc Community! I've been a bit shy to post to the forums but after becoming increasingly active again on TMD I decided to stop in and say hello. My name is Roach, I'm a horse enthusiast, multimedia artist, and researcher of tragedies & current events. I speak four languages and have a huge number of interests ranging from video game arts to architecture to animal science.

    I used to play TMD back when medkits were instant heals and duffle bags could be stored in vaults... good hoarding memories! However, I wasn't exactly "social" in the community nor did I work with other players.. but something about Havoc always kept me coming back no matter how many times I'd take "breaks" or get bored for a short period and not play for a few months. I've been looking for a social community to get more invested in ever since I took a break from my mass social media accounts, and I think I've found a perfect place considering all the friends I've made already.

    I'm active on the PVP2 TMD server (and soon to be Towny!) and would love if you'd say hello! My username in-game is Roach_. Thanks for making the server great!