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    Katitude Katitude
    (My apologies if this is the wrong thread for this)

    Hiya people! It's been a hot moment, but I wanted to give a shoutout to all the builders, devs and staff!

    The server from a first glance had so many awesome changes, and I love the revamping of the discord server and website, along with all the changes in The Mining Dead. I specifically love the different loot and materials for base building (which I am still learning about lol) and it seems like the server made a huge improvement in the massive wealth gaps TMD as well. My boyfriend and I were looking for a good towny or roleplay server and I remembered this one, and I'm super impressed with all the changes and variety of things to do in the server with the new gamemodes and all. Although the bandits make roleplay on the TMD PVE server very challenging, I'm definitely glad I decided to venture back and see all the other new things.

    Stay awesome everyone. <3