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  • Summer 2021 Plans - CTA, Warzone, Hiring, & More


    _Nickk _Nickk
    Hey all!
    I figured I’d take some time to let everyone know our plans for what we think will be an exciting summer. Let's get into it!

    Craft Theft Auto - June 11th

    First things first, CTA will be releasing on June 11th. This gamemode is the result of a ton of hard work by Duckler, Max, and Sp00ph, and is quite expansive.

    Craft Theft Auto, as the name suggests, is a GTA-inspired game. The gameplay aspects include driving vehicles, buying houses, creating gangs, and fighting the police. CTA is based on gun-combat and shares some similarities with The Mining Dead and Mine Wars, though it also differentiates itself with its unique features and art style.

    The Mining Dead

    We've got big plans in the works, we'll update you more once we're closer to release.

    New Exclusive Mining Dead Weapons - Early June


    The next TMD exclusive crate will contain some cool legendary weapons pictured above + some more fun surprises.

    Massive Warzone Update - Late June TBD


    We're giving Warzone some much needed love this summer, turning it into a full fledged game mode which many more features than it offers now.

    This update will add/change the following:
    • Fixes for current warzone bugs
    • Brand new, custom map
    • New duel system offering 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, with updated loadouts to match common TMD fighting scenarios (we'll be looking for suggestions for this in Discord)
    • All new duel maps (inspired by Call of Duty maps)
    • Reworked kit system (many more kits)
    • Reworked in-game money & shop system (updated kill and killstreak rewards, updated shops with more weaponry)
    • Warzone specific teams and wars. Wars will be held every couple hours, allowing teams of up to 4 to fight for kills + control of objectives (same system as TMD). Winning wars will give special prizes and in-game money.
    • Warzone specific "ranks", which will be purchasable for in-game money. These ranks will give access to special kits (with cooldowns).
    • Warzone specific level ladder, with level system similar to Mine Wars and CTA.

    Towny Updates
    New content is also on the way for Towny. Its GMs (Moe and JewishBagel) are working on adding custom items like swords/bows/emotes, creating planets players can visit, and making other exciting changes. We'll be updating Towny to 1.17 as soon as possible, and creating a 1.17 world, so players can enjoy the newest Minecraft update together as soon as it releases!

    Hiring // Positions Available
    We're looking to hire another developer, as well as possibly game manager(s) to speed up the release of new content and keep our servers updated. If you're interested in either of these roles, shoot us an email at [email protected] with some info about you (brief bio, age, timezone, discord name) and your qualifications (i.e. resume).

    Part Time Java Developer
    If you're interested in working with us on creating high quality gamemodes with cool, unique mechanics, then this role may be for you. You'll work with our Developers on creating content for all our servers.

    - High proficiency with Java and Object Oriented programming
    - Experience with the Spigot/Bukkit API
    - Good communication and time management skills
    - Ability to utilize Git/Maven/Jenkins in your workflow

    Other Useful Traits/Factors
    Though not required, these could set your application apart
    - Experience working on other similarly sized server networks
    - Experience writing highly optimized code that scales well / won't negatively affect server performance
    - Experience with MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
    - Experience with NMS

    Time Frame & Payment
    You'll be asked to work about 15 hours per week. Payment will start at $16-$17/hour, but raise dependent on high quality work.

    Game Manager
    The Game Manager position is a flexible one - our GMs do a wide variety of work, which differs from Game Manager to Game Manager. Essentially, we're looking for people who have a strong desire to run and update our game modes, or to create game modes themselves. Game Managers are people who have a lot of experience working with spigot servers/configuring plugins, an eye for design, and an overall ability to create high quality game modes. They work with developers, builders, modelers, etc, to provide players with new content. Payment structure varies from GM to GM. If you would be interested in being a GM for The Mining Dead, Mine Wars, or have a different idea in mind, and are able to help out with content production behind the scenes, shoot us an email and we can discuss :)

    Final Notes
    While this post laid out a lot of our plans, it didn't reveal everything. Be on the lookout for information on other new things coming your way soon 😁