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    I've actually had sporadic appearances. As I only come back because it's one of the best servers with nice guns and a detailed resource pack. Been here since 2016. Seen a wipe. I remember one happened cause I remember my panic when all the stuff I saved in my vault in TMD was gone lol. Briefly killed my interest in the server that one. Then I made a comeback in 2020 cause of the lockdowns, been appearing here and then ever since. Even though I long since learned how to apply mods to my game, I still come back to this server. Because when I didn't know how to add mods for all those cool vehicles and guns, I came to this server to do so. Still not good at PvP lol. But it's a fun experience... though I miss the days when folks did some nice roleplays and were quite easy to get along with. It's a little more rougher these days, language in chat largely here and then. One of my first welcoming was some person being quite rude in chat to everyone in the server in CTA. But hey, old times sake.

    I still remember TMD roleplays, and how I was at the mansion, how leads were still a thing and I wrangled a walker and stuck it to a fencepost and named it "Bob"... or Gary... or John. I forget the name, pretty sure it was Bob though. Remembering how that one other player entered the place, and roleplayed quite well, as in not murdering Bob the Zombie despite Bob trying to bite everyone within range. Roleplaying in PvE was fun. Especially when I felt like a baron looking over the mansion, guarding the gate, as I was left to guard the post. Was fun to meet that amount of players who had a tactical meeting and then went out as a group. So much fun.

    Oh yeah and the Battle Royale stuff too, very fun. Fun times... the game was so different back then, good vibes all around and nice after-school gaming.

    It's still fun don't get me wrong, and there are some good players with a friendly attitude and a sense of honor too. But I miss those days. Fun times and a glorious experience, though I'm not so active anymore. I appreciate how the grind isn't intense. And in days where few people are on PvP servers, very fun to head to high tier loot zones without fear of being ambushed by campers, especially safezone campers who back in 2021 always went down and chased and essentially slayed any player who was within sight approaching the safezone, IDK why it looked like a jerk move to do. For high level players or those with simply very good PvP skills spawn camping noobs and those who merely wanted to sell their loot or just, play the game. Not all were like that thankfully. Back in the day there were campers too. Of course they're generally frowned upon. There's no honor in slaying newbies. Which to be honest more so deters them from sticking around, I know I took some breaks in part because of that lol. Campers and crushers, the worst possible players to encounter. But campers just camp high tier zones for the grind, crushers legit spawn camped in those days. Seems less prevalent now. But whenever I'm on there's few people on so maybe it's just when there's nobody on, of course nobody's spawn camping or TPA killing. There's nobody on lol.

    Best times for the grind, is when nobody is on the PvP servers so I cam maximize my grind for good loot without fear of some players jumping me out of nowhere. As there's nothing worse than campers or crushers making a profit off your day long grind.

    I ain't good at PvP, especially when there's multiple high tier players involved. I like the easter egg of Glados though, that portal room? Been my PEAK grind loot area, even if the loot tier is somewhat low, I go down there with a dozen dufflebags and fill everything, EVERYTHING. I make 1 million per trip. Whenever no other player is online on that specific TMD server. Because PvP is enabled and there's nothing worse than someone ambushing me with full jugg and golden guns pummeling me and stealing 1-2 million TMD money worth of stuff to sell.

    Because Bandits are hard enough for me. I remember when bandits were not even a thing much. But now with bandits and players in PvP it becomes hectic to avoid them as I drive my way back. As the route is to cross part of an urban area, across a river, then search the forest for that structure that blends in rather well. I even grinded so hard that I got barricades and barbed wire stockpiled in one dufflebag to purposely block off the entrance zone so if by chance a player finds the place, they'd have to break their way in and they'd be exposed to me using high end weapons to put them down. The very narrow route makes for easy pickings of even a group of players. Especially when I got the advantage of nailing the parkour segment and know that little hideout like the back of my hand. Nobody else probably goes there due to low loot tier and it's difficult to find and safely return to a safezone with TPA or tackling bandits and possible players along the way. The grind is also boring, but me grinding for like, 5 hours a day, isn't that boring. If it means within a week's work of days grinding I get 2 million, that's fine by me. Even if it makes the game boring and I take breaks because of this lol. Just a habit to want to save up in-game moneyz, but the wipe left me demoralized to a degree because I also hard grinded back then. So it's a bit demoralizing when my 2-3 million went down the drain back in the day.

    But man, fun times that. Anyways, here's my intro as a very old player of this server who just realized this website has a forum so uh, hi? Love the gamemodes. TMD has been my favorite since I was in elementary! Always played it after school. Fun times. Even if I was very sporadic with my appearances lol. I more often play singleplayer MC with mods now, but this server holds a special place in my memory, not only for nostalgia, but because there's no other like it. The detail, the mechanics, the rather lenient loot system (Players in PvP hunting down everyone they can aside), it's a genuinely fun experience.
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