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    JBentley694 JBentley694
    So I've been playing on the server and I just got to shirewilt estates and I was wondering if its ever going to be a community like Alexandria or Hilltop?

    p.s.: right now im stuck in a house at shirewilt surrounded by walkers and whisperers lol.
    Most likely not as its an iconic location from the show as a community that was killed by wolf people.
    Guardianblade Guardianblade
    F, glad you were around your work won't be forgotten,
    good luck, hope you find more about yourself and find new hobbies.
    you have done hell of a job developing this server :)


    PogItsThunder40 PogItsThunder40
    Unless I am very wrong, I thought that one update would eventually have down the amount of safezones to 3, berxley, mallow and one other. I thought the others would be turned into regular locations, and have gates like hilltop and Alexandria. I am currently playing the telltale game and I am on episode 3 season 1 at the motel. I'd like to see that as a possible real location instead of a safezone