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    • Hello _Nickk, its me Sys_ remember we spoke a few days ago? I was just wondering if its possible to speak with you about something? its not too important but its a benefit to havoc... Thankyou for reading.
      Please contact me here or;
      Email: [email protected]
      Skype: PsychoticSys_
      Thank You.

      Hey! It's been awhile since I made my appeal which has all completely valid information. I also decided to send you an email about it, but to no avail. Please check out my appeal and email. It would mean a lot! I have been very patient but I can wait forever. Thank you for your time :)
      _Nickk, can we please talk?
      Alot of your moderators and staff members are abusing their power, I was banned from the server because I accidentally typo'd saying **** instead of duck. I got warned. I asked if the helper could get rid of the ban. They said no. Then they banned me :/ mods arent even allowed to ban people. so I'd just like you to know that a lot of your staff members are abusing their power
      Hey Nickk just want to ask how long do I have to wait to get back from the application, I'm afraid theres an issue but I don't want to make a new one in case its working... PLEASE HELP :D
      i was approved on my builder application but when i do the command it says that im not whitelisted...
      My brother in law and I used to play TMD together a lot and we went to try the other night and it would say for about a minute logging in and then say Timed Out. I saw that another user was having this problem and was hoping you can help us out. His IGN is Godsdeceiver.
      If you can fix the map? And i just joined and can u make it easier to give people the register option instead of doing it in the game. Also can you try to fix the vote crates better?
      I'm a bad, bad person. I've not played HavocMC in a while because I've been repairing my computer.
      Hay Nick, The Cars and Motor Cycles are Bugged when Randomly Spawned, they float in the air and when you try get in, you dont even get in, but you become invis because of the glitch, and the car or motor cycle stays floating in the air
      make a thread.
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