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      I guess it's more of a goodbye but oh well lol

      Hi- I'm Lizzy. You may know me from me being staff for over a year on this server. Well- recently, I quit. I've heard rumors from some that say I was fired. No, lol. I know some of you would of liked that though LOL. Anyway, I've outgrown havoc, and was honestly a lot lazy and a lot immature to...
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      Ezpz way to open all vote links at once

      YOOO, so, I'm so smart and figured out way to open all the vote links at once ezpz on Windows 10, if you have a mac idek how to do that, so basically open up notepad, and type the following in the notepad: @Echo off start chrome "https://topg.org/Minecraft/in-406145" start chrome...
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      banana clan

      I am in banana clan, the banana clan is pretty cool. No, we are not a team or a base, we are a group of people with different color bananas as skins. Very top secret, must ask me to join. Don't be an imposter. Banana clan is cool. I made banana clan. Join today! https://ibb.co/f4Yxw1t
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      I'm Lizzy

      hi, I am Lizzy. I am a legend.
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      Berx Presents Locations

      For all you lazy butts here you go <3
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      The New and Improved Religion

      Now that the false horse religion has died a new and improved religion shall take its place the Hershel's Hand. The Hershel's Hand is the only religion anyone should be following. To join you simply must change your skin to Hershel. Whenever you see a fellow Hershel you know you are in a safe...
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      Yo! Its me. So, basically I did this thing yesterday where I threw a bunch of stuff that I have gathered in like the past month but most of the time I don't even go looting because I already have all the stuff. So, I threw it all out to like 6 people at the motel sz. Sooooo, I will be doing...
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      100 ways to die: Mining Dead Edition

      Basically you comment 1 way you can die on the mining dead and hopefully we can find out 100 Ways to die: Mining Dead Edition Okay? I will start. also put the number before so we can keep count. 1. falling off a building.
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      Hola! My ign is GamerLizzy and I am bored so I thought I should make and introduction. I have played for a couple years now. I don't exactly remember when I first started but it before the new map was introduced. I have become very active this past month and have met lots of people on the...
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      what is this troll :(

      whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you do this https://ibb.co/fXx50vM can't even get in :(
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      answer this if you are bored

      I made a google forms of stuff I am curious about answer if you please https://forms.gle/p4MAzuZgcrPm9nU76
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      We are a team looking for new members to join our military, become a farmer, guard, ect. Join for free supplies if you don't have enough. We have a discord: https://discord.gg/3bTmhkn Rules: (See Server Rules) Gate Protocol: (See Guard if there is no guard at your location then follow this...