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      The idea of COOP TEAM vs TEAM on Tatooine was by far the GREATEST experience on any gun server ever. Traveling the free world via vehicles and space guns while having powers such as choke, pull, push, AND having a saber was amazing. Being able to throw the saber and block bullets to kill people...
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      People like Alkruel

      Recently I have been killing people off of their own speeders. But I mostly never get the items because someone always sweeps in and takes the items. Today Alkruel did that. Not only did Alkruel do that, but Alkruel has been very salty for the past weeks. In fact he keeps on calling everyone a...
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      lvl55Stormtrooper Speeder stealing/fraud

      Btw lvl55Stormtrooper is saying press shift quick! because he wanted to trick smelly_killer_2 and steal his speeder.
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      Items giveaway

      Hello, my username is Communicatinq. Today I will be giving out legendary guns, and rare items. ITEMS: Speeder COMMENT below and put a time where you mostly will be online Example: (Timezone), Time Pacific, 8:28 P.M. (1 player will be chosen) First place prize: Speeder
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      Sith lvl 10 upgrade?

      Lately people have been wearing leather jackets, and have green light sabers. These people are Jedi. Now Jedi says you get green light sabers at lvl 10. When I reached level 10, I was shocked I didn't get anything. Sith needs some sort of loot for lvl 10. Stronger light saber? Different color...
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      New Weapon?!?!??!

      I've been thinking. Rpg's are OP. What if we had an rpg that does no damage. Actually, this new weapon isn't an rpg. It's a Rocket Launcher. Or a Bazooka. Basically what I want to call it is a Jumper. This does 0 damage BUT, it will shoot you up about 10-15 blocks in the air. Very useful for not...