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    Hey everyone, I went ahead and compiled a list of suggestions for their respective gamemodes or for the network in general. I categorized the suggestions under what they apply to (i.e. PvE/PvP/Network)

    Instead of having tab look unpleasant, I propose organizing the ranks based off of their priority. So in other words, you'll see staff first then afterwards the donor ranks (from highest to lowest). This makes tab more easier to look at as it isn't as much of an eyesore. This would also make it easier to locate individuals on tab because they are separated into different categories.
    The plugin was put on the back burner and because of this, the potential of it was killed off due to neglect. The friends feature is something that has the potential to become an attractive feature to the network if it received an overhaul. On that note, I believe that the friend cap should be raised to 30 for default and the limit will be increased accordingly based on your rank. A few commands that I think are worth noting that should be added are /f toggle to toggle friend requests. The second command I was thinking of is /f removeall which removes everyone on your friends list. Lastly, I propose replacing the /f view command with /f list which it'll show between 6-8 players and if you want to view more, do /f list <page number> and so on. As of right now, the original command will showcase all the players which can take up your entire chat.

    While you may argue that these features aren't important, I think quality > quantity is important. It shows a level of care and would help put the administration in a better light because it shows that they are not going to add something and then later neglect it.

    Achievements are in a much needed revamp entirely. If I am on the pvp server, then I should only be able to do pvp related achievements, vise-versa with pve. There are players that only play on one of those two and if they're an achievement hunter, then they'll never be able to complete all achievements. TL;DR: Achievements should be separated and PvE & PvP should have their own respective achievements.
    As it stands currently, PvE is hardly challenging and lacks quality content. There should be different types of walkers with different abilites (e.g. faster, health increase, blow up, "spitters" that will give poison for a short timeframe, etc). Possibly make it to where in certain areas of the map that some types are more stronger overall when it is night time. Implement wildlife in certain areas (e.g. farm animals), so we're able to kill them and cook em'. Please make it to where players are able to interact with the map more so the player can get more immersed into the game-play. There should also be commands like /lay or /sit to target the role-player audience. As a donor perk, there could be a feature where donors can re-roll their daily challenges as well.

    I think a good way to increase competitiveness is by having some sort of system in place that showcases most kills/resources, in a certain time (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). There could be a reward put in place for monthly to give teams an incentive to work towards these. Another way is by having seasons where the pvp realms reset after a certain time and the top 3 or 5 teams will be rewarded a shop voucher for their respective realms. Also to make this work, the teams between realms should be separate as well.
    The first suggestion is players being able to transfer ownership to someone else. A reason for adding this is if the owner knows they'll be going inactive for a long period, they could transfer it. The second one is there should be a feature where you can remove your latest upgrade if in the chance you accidentally upgrade it.