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    Fix The Team Situations?

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    Hello my names Joey (IGN UhJoey) and I’ve been thinking lately about the team situation and I believe that it’s just messed up.

    Reasons it’s not good -

    1. No allies?

    2. I understand you guys are trying to prevent outnumbers but it doesn’t matter ask any pvp-1 player right now and they would tell you 75% of wars have at least 7 players per team.

    3. Right now tmd consists of 2 teams Yoiji/Risks team and Koezi/My Team. (the main teams at least). This is just straight up boring in my opinion, ask any OG player back then there use to be literally 5 way wars and it use to be so fun.

    Ways to Fix -

    Make it a actual cap not some stupid crap that makes u be able to hit someone if you have over 5 people online that’s just dumb. Make the actual cap 6-7 people perm and make it so you can’t hit each other. Make it so there’s no allies btw.


    Make it so there’s 3-4 people on one team but there is allies... BUT make sure there’s a cap to allies or people would just abuse and have 3 allies each team and it would fix nothing. For example I have a team with 3 other people and I have 1 Allie with 4 people.

    thanks for reading tbh this took me 5 mins to make but this is just my idea on how to fix the team situations because wars are just ridiculous rn tbh.


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    bruh just let 400 mfers in a team whats the problem. if 1 team has 10 members and 2 enemy teams have 5 each theyll group up anyways to even it out.