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  • The Mining Dead Update Tonight!

    Hey all,

    We're pleased to announce that we will begin The Mining Dead update tonight! I'd like to thank all the builders and developers for their hard work, dedication and the willingness to dedicate months to produce this update. This update will feature brand new areas into the game such as Season 9 locations to locations from the Telltale series. This will also include a change to our current PVP system. Let's make a big push to repopulate the server after the update. Invite your friends on!

    @JBentley694 has completed his autumn resource pack for this update. This also changes Jugg into Commonwealth armour from the comics. This pack will currently only work with 1.9+. Click Here to download it.

    We will update the online map soon after.

    Our next project will be improving Hellnight. Beta Testers applicants expect replies to your applications very soon.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy!
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    Absolutely great effort gents! Can't wait for this map to be posted! And I'll see YOU on the map! ;)
    AMEENNNNNNN, I cant thank you bois enough to bring us this update, im excited to finally be terrified by a hoarde in full jugg, and pvp will finally be able to be done, to the new update! hoorah!


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    Good job, although I have not yet been able to see what you all achieved as a team. I am very excited for the update, but I hope to play some day soon not too far