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  • TMD : Why most of the new players like to loot at Hartsfield?


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    Just kinda curious , bandits spawn in there and it is just tier 3,
    it is not a "friendly" place for new players to loot.

    Even me tried to loot in there when I played TMD for the first time.


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    Tbh not that many players go to Hartsfield anymore, more seem to go to cdc or sanctuary regardless of experience in playing. Harts isnt even openly talked about anymore, since its layout got drastically changed and lootbags were removed, now its extremely spread out on the whole area making looting time consuming and pretty challenging for new players since they dont get that far


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    Its not a bad place to loot , but there is better options.
    It's a pretty good alternative for the T4 loot zones. You won't find loot as good very often, but because all the T4 loot zones are full of bandits and enemy players, it makes sense to go somewhere that isn't as populous, like the prison. The prison is a very common looting target.


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    Hartsfield used to be a very common looting spot until it's loot bags were changed. A lot of newer players often look at the map item and see "Lots of Supplies!" and I assume go from there... it's not very popular anymore and in my opinion isn't worth the hassle with all the bandits.


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    Everyone use to go there but it was nerfed to a T3 Loot Zone sadly. Now it’s just a waste of time to get there, waste of time moving from building to building, and very risky because the high spawn rate for bandits.