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    I'm gonna be real here: this poll most likely is gonna lean towards "no" because of non-ranked players trying to hold onto whatever "rare" gear they might have. On the flip side of the coin, players with ranks or players who have a surplus of these "rare" items are only gonna have a larger advantage if standard vaults are kept (through means like alt accounts). Considering the point contest starting from the reset, this is only gonna make non-ranked players feel like they have less of a chance with juggs rolling around since day one steam rolling kills, which is 1. super unhealthy for existing members and 2. even less appealing to players who might be interested in joining. With the current state of the server, it'll be a pretty bad trade off to appease a fraction of the playerbase who want to hold onto their items when considering how much more the server could be "new player" friendly with a full wipe and an even playing field. Ironically enough, a lot of the older players support this full reset because of my previously mentioned reasons, as well as other reasons they might hold to themselves. As much as the poll might represent the current and limited playerbase, previous years when the server peaked needs to be considered: what was different then v. now, what did we (referring to server staff/devs/owner(s)) do right / wrong then v. condition of server now, how we might improve the server, etc.

    Hope you can keep in mind the bigger picture rather than the current state. Reset all


    We should reset. Its not fair to everyone who doesn't have all the stuff that ranked people have. Everyone needs to be fair. Then everyone can work there way up to be the same.


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    Bleh reset it all please, makes it fair for everyone.. players storing their items on alts start with a huge advantage and are obviously going to win the contest, nothing changes for them. Resetting vaults would keep new players cuz ogs who kept their stuff won’t have op stuff compared to them & everyone else. Makes all players work for same goal with equal stuff. People will want to play more to earn what they had. Players storing on alts encourages others to store on alts so they won’t have a huge disadvantage, in the end not much would be lost /;