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  • The Immersive World Update


    Grocky Grocky
    Hello Everyone!
    We have some exciting new features to show you and I’m pleased to announce the release of the Immersive World Update. Feel free to check out the new trailer if you haven’t already seen it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnFYmtcNoDE

    New Atlanta
    Major shout out to all the builders that put tons of time and effort into making this a reality.


    New Guns & Weapons
    We've added a variety of new guns and weapons: Colt ACP, Smith & Wesson 686, Tommy Gun, Steyr SSG, AKMS, Mini 14, Heckler & Koch HK416, and the Hunting Bow. Be sure to check them out.

    Mob & Loot Changes

    The new TMD update will feature a complete revamp on the current mob and loot system. When you explore the map, enemies will spawn depending on the region of the map you are in. Different regions of the map will have different loot (tiers 1-4) but will also vary in difficulty. Different regions will have stronger and more frequent mobs.

    Loot Zones:


    Yellow is Tier II, Red is Tier III, Purple is Tier IV.

    These loot zones will be guarded by all new enemies:

    Bandits spawn near the Sanctuary, Woodbury, Terminus, Savannah, Belport Harbour, and Hartsfield. A bandit can run and shoot you with guns, and they tend to travel in pack. Beware.

    Wolves spawn near Estershade and Shirewilt. A wolf can run at you and attack you using the melee weapon they spawn with.

    Whisperers spawn near Griffin and The Kingdom. Whisperers appear to be normal walkers but will sneak attack you when you least expect it. Be careful when meleeing walkers in dangerous zones - they may dodge the attack and stab you.

    A detailed look at mob zones can be found below:

    Ambient Region Sound Update
    To get the best loot, you must pass into heavily protected whisperer territory (in the north-west corner of the map). Here, the time will be permanently set to night. Creepy ambient music plays in the background when you explore this region. If you don’t like the creepy music, you can turn off default Minecraft music. Other regions (e.g. Atlanta) have some added ambience sounds like wind and crickets.


    Auction House and Sell All
    This suggestion has been raised countless times, so I’m pleased to say that it’s been answered! The auction house is making its way to HavocMC. /trade will remain as a feature for 1 on 1 deals but the auction house will allow any player to buy/sell items to a server wide level. You can only use the auction house when stood inside a safe zone.

    · To view the auction house do /ah
    · To sell an item hold the item in your hand and do /ah sell <price>


    We've also added some color to spice up the shop UI. This includes a sell all function to make selling much easier.

    Smoke Grenades

    Smoke Grenades are a cool new grenade item which can be used to hide inside of to avoid gunshots. When a player is stood inside the smoke produced by the smoke grenade it will also hide the player's name tag which allows the player to be undetectable.

    Teams have been rewritten to improve performance and functionality.

    Ranged Weapon Update
    New weapon- The Hunting Bow is like a crossbow. It’s a cool new ranged weapon which can be found by searching through loot bags. The Hunting Bow deals 10 damage per shot.


    We've also added throwable melees. The combat knife and spear can be thrown to deal damage at a far.

    Economy Balancing
    Walker kill money, in-game shop prices, crate money, and bandit/whisperer kill money have all been balanced for a better economy and thus better gameplay/progression going forward.

    Hub Update
    To round this update off, we have given the Hub a revamp and it looks fresh! A new maze, parkour and Brawl Feature has been added to the Hub to keep you guys entertained if any of the servers are ever down for a short period of time.

    With this update we've also fixed a variety of bugs and made other small changes. Given this is the biggest update we've done in a long time, there will likely be issues, but we'll attempt to sort them out quickly.​
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    _Nickk _Nickk
    Fullish changelog:

    • Whisperers have been added.
    • Wolves have been added.
    • Bandits have been added.
    • Mob Pathfinding has been rewritten and optimized.
    • Mob Spawning has been rewritten and optimized
    • Mobs can now spawn in packs (e.g whisperers and bandits)
    • Mobs now have levels (similar to Mine Wars but more discrete)
    • SMGs no longer yeet zombies into the air
    • Melees can no longer double/triple hit zombies
    • Biomes have been added (basically sets of sound and time)
    • The Whisperers "Biome" is perma-night and plays creepy ambience
    • 8 new guns/weapons have been added: Colt ACP, Smith & Wesson 686, Tommy Gun, Steyr SSG, AKMS, Mini 14, Heckler & Koch KH416, and Hunting Bow
    • 5 guns have been removed: Dragunov, all tier 5s (most weren't balanced and served no purpose)
    • Gun tiers have been rearranged around to accommodate this.
    • Some kits have been adjusted to match new guns
    • The auction house has been added
    • Sell All has been added
    • Shops have been rewritten and optimized
    • All shop prices have changed (mostly lowered) and balanced
    • Shops have new fancy UI with background colors
    • Left click now buys from shops and right click sells
    • Database changes should result in improved performance
    • Backpacks have been rewritten for improved performance
    • Current TMDC backpacks should be converted. We've only been able to do limited testing so if its not converting properly, don't keep opening your bags.
    • Barricades can now stack 15 tall. Have fun (but not too much)
    • Crate loot has been altered (removed tier 5s, balanced money with new shop prices)
    • Scoreboard has been altered and includes new icons. Your map location and loot zone show on your scoreboard.
    • Smoke grenades have been added
    • Death drops now are placed in loot bags
    • We have gone down to 3 safe zones.
    • Slot Machines have been added to spawn
    • Camo Menu has been updated to look cooler
    • Safezone and Warp menus have been updated to look cooler
    • Lowered loot amount for high tier bags
    • Spears and combat knives are now throwable
    Bug Fixes:
    • Loot bags now open correctly (and can't be used to rapidly gain EXP)
    • Guns with camos can now be sold in shop
    • Painkillers are now 3D model on main TMD servers
    • Grenades can no longer be thrown in safe zones
    • Fixed a glitch with AAC and our Permissions system creating lag on certain occasions on user login
    • Fixed a glitch that gave scoped in players that died a scope when they respawn
    • We will continue to fix bugs over the next few weeks. It was important to release some of these big infrastructure changes so that bugs could be fixed quicker in the future.
    A variety of other minor tweaks and changes have been made.


    xHobbes xHobbes
    I haven’t played yet, but this sounds like the best update in the servers history. It sounds like a mixture of MineZ, Mine Wars, and, of course, TMD. The one thing I don’t like is that the time of day changes in different biomes, as its pretty unrealistic, but otherwise great update, definitely exceeded my expectations!


    IgnitingIce IgnitingIce
    Some patch notes:


    • Fixed teams feature. Additional commands such as getting info on other teams will be added soon.
    • Significantly nerfed the spawn rates of bandits and where they can spawn.
    • Patched a duplication glitch.


    • Patched the patch of the duplication glitch (was having false positives).
    • Multiple fixes to the map, most notably beaches where sand had "caved in."
    • Fixed ranked player's access to some Character Kits not displaying properly.
    • Adjusted cooldowns of /tpa and /tpahere. Unranked players have a 5 minute cooldown while ranked players have a 2.5 minute cooldown.
    • /thirst, /feed, /needs, /heal, and /near now tell you accurate cooldown lengths in chat.
    • Various blocks such as plants and pressure plates no longer block update causing them to "fall off" into ground items.
    • Adjusted mob spawn minimum radius to account for all players in area. Previously mobs could spawn 20 blocks away from one player, while being right next to another player.
    • Fixed an issue causing users to be unable to reload guns using the drop key on Minecraft 1.15+.
    • Fixed some GUI issues with the camo menu. Default skins are no longer counted as camos.
    • Fixed an issue which caused 3 user's profiles to reset every time they logged in (sorry NIKE_WARRIOR, PowerPunch113, and DeadlyPistachio).
    • Fixed dehydration not causing a custom death.
    • Fixed kit sniper icon displaying as an apple (RIP Dragunov).
    • Fixed an issue resulting in headshot kill money on bandits, without them needing to be killed.