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    Jacobg1998 Jacobg1998
    Update time! Our latest TMD update will be going live soon brings a ton of awesome changes to guns designed to making shooting things a whole lot more fun! These changes are currently live on Warzone if you want to test them out. Check out the changelog below if you want to get into the specifics.


    - New and improved recoil system, including both physical recoil and a slight crosshair offset. This adds a more skill-based component to PVP and makes the guns feel a lot more powerful!
    - Updated zoomed views and gunshot sounds
    - Some guns now have unique crosshairs when you zoom!
    - New control scheme. Zooming is now exclusively done through crouching. (If you are a bit old fashion, you can change back to the old control scheme through /controls)
    - Bullets now use raytracing, which will decrease the entity count and make the whole server less laggy
    - Collaterals! Kill 2 zombies with 1 bullet
    - Bullets can now go through fences, glass etc.
    - The glorious Golden Spas 12 has been added! It can be earned through voting!
    - New mystery weapon. (Unlocked by voting)
    - Various aesthetic updates
    - After years of being kind of lame, the Firefly Flamethrower can finally kick some ***!

    - And last, but certainly not least, the Gatling Gun will now spin when you shoot it!

    If you don't use the auto downloaded resource pack, you're definitely going to want to get the updated version here. If for whatever reason that link isn't working, contact any staff member and they'll send you the right pack.


    Also be sure to stay tuned for more updates. We've got some really exciting stuff planned for May, including the long awaited addition of Bases!

    Until next time, so long!
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    _Nickk _Nickk
    We'll be looking at feedback as we know the recoil will be controversial. Our goal was to give the guns a more powerful feel and also change up the combat dynamic. TMD OP will continue to have old guns and mechanics. We'll likely lower the knockback in the next week or so and perhaps the recoil too, especially when jumping. There will be a poll in discord asking for feedback once the updates been out a while.

    With this update we also switched our guns from projectiles (we used invisible arrows) to raytracing. We're still tuning the hitboxes so report to staff if there are egregious issues with that. This however will vastly decrease the amount of entities on the server which should mean much less lag. A gatling gun or p90 alone in the past could spew about 20 bullets aka entities per second which was a bit of a bottleneck.

    The raytracing also gives us the opportunity to do some cool stuff. You can now shoot through blocks like fences and glass (shattering the glass on the way by)

    Edit: We've removed physical recoil from commonly used high tier guns like AK, Barrett, Deagle, Spas, Legends.
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    PogItsThunder40 PogItsThunder40

    Finally. It's here. Recoil. The Golden Spas shotguns are back. Spinning Gatling guns. Flamethrowers that actually throw flame.

    Can't wait for the bases update...! Could we possibly add the function of flamethrowers burning through barricades? That'd make them a fantastic siege weapon, and defense if anyone is trying to tower over a wall such as the Prison (wasn't the building height for those moved to 15 or something? I remember reading something like that somewhere....)

    And speaking of the resource packs, who's working on the HD guns pack for this update? I miss the better gun models. I preferred those resource packs so much. The guns looked so much better, in terms of shape, size, and some color.
    Please change the AK-47, however. It was a little small and very thin. For a tier 4 weapon, it wasn't very intimidating anymore, even if like 5% of the player base used the pack. The color scheme was better though. Keep that.

    The gun sounds were updated? Great! Maybe the Steyr SSG won't sound like a Barrett [A Steyr SSG 69 fires a 7.62x51 cartridge, vs a .50 caliber 14.2x62.5, huge difference]. Sound variation is nice (if only we could get realistic sound distance... I think that ought to be the dev's next goal. One, at least.)


    _Evil_Banana_ _Evil_Banana_
    This is awesome but I hope you guys are working on improving it right now because i'm currently playing warzone and i'm not having fun. Snipers only do damage if you get a headshot and sometimes head shots wont register, smg's either do no damage or they will randomly instantly kill you, I believe thats a issue with headshots. Guns are very inconsistent even tho the deagle has 100% accuracy it hits half the time. These problems need to be fixed fast because i'm personally losing interest in tmd, fights are really random, i'm losing to bots because the rng gods are on their side. #bloomsucks

    I'm not trying to be negative just sharing opinions. I am actually very happy that the combat system is being changed. I think recoil is a brilliant mechanic, it involves more than just aim and shoot. I feel like y'll are working on too many things at a time, slow down!! work on one thing and improve it as much as possible. This new combat system has been out for a few days already and I haven't seen any tweaks done to it.

    BTW hitboxes are broken I can hit people behind walls.


    Cat_Squirrel_Inc Cat_Squirrel_Inc
    Best server ever im sooo addicted
    I haven't heard those words in ages :eek:
    I really like this new update, tbh! It's quite refreshing -- definitely adds some more realism, too, which is always nice. I especially love the golden skins animation for Legendaries -- iconic.