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    Update and Reset News


    Along with this upcoming update, there is going to be a reset. The reason for this is that there have been many item and money dupe glitches since the last reset, which has led to an unbalanced economy. Additionally, many items are being changed in this update, which would result in a lot of broken/ glitched items if they are not reset.

    Players on the normal TMD servers will be able to save any Legendary Weapons and Juggernaut armor that is in...

    TMD Combat Update


    Hello Everyone!

    We've got an exciting new update which has just been released on all TMDPVP and TMDPVE servers! This update includes a variety of changes to TMD combat and introduces a couple of exciting new items.

    Combat Changes
    We have officially updated to our new combat system, which has been being testing on the Practice Server. This updated systems bring a variety of changes listed below.
    • Damage...

    21 September 2019 TMD Update

    Some updates have just been deployed to TMD.

    Auto Nerfs & More!
    - When selling items back to the NPC shops, you now get 3x the money. Plus, ammo is now half the cost.
    - Walkers will now drop twice the money.
    - On the topic of EXP, Leveling is now much less exponential, and leveling will be easier. At higher levels, leveling has become almost unobtainable, so this will lower that ceiling a bit. This was already announced, but I’m reiterating it...

    22 July 2019 Map Update

    Map Update is now live!
    Come check out new locations:
    - Hershel Farm revamp
    - Oceanside docks
    - Oceanside Beach
    - Cruise ship community
    - Ericson Academy
    - A few season 7 locations added
    - Season 9 locations (Daryl V. Beta Building)
    - Season 10 updates to Alexandria, Hilltop
    - Camp Kiki Wakata
    - Shane and Otis Fema school
    - Submarine community
    - Absolutely no new easter eggs. Nope...


    While we gather info on the possible PVP server changes, ( https://havocmc.net/threads/big-changes-but-we-want-your-input.6975/ ) Ive started collecting info for roleplayers and PVE. Let us know what you want changed or added!



    Sup guys. So... as yalls new Community Manager my goal is to be a mouthpiece between both staff and players. I’m aware there’s a lack of transparency going both ways I hope to change this.

    Recently, I’ve been made aware a very large change that was being kept silent - but I’ve been given permission to ask yalls opinions. Cus this seems pretty big to just do. I have pulled together a few ideas and I would like to see which y’all prefer.

    Plan A: The devs are planning on removing TMDC...

    TMD Update and Resignation

    Hey all,

    TMD Update

    We have some very exciting news for TMD. This update is mainly a revamp update. Every location has been given an update in one way or another and season 9 locations have also been added (including the infamous pike scene) The prison got an update, the also sanctuary got relocated, and finally, any building that was empty you can now access it. Some areas did get remodelled completely, however.

    The changed locations are as follows:

    Vatos - New

    Bug Reporting Station
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    Hello Everyone!

    I'd like to start this off by saying that I know other people have created posts similar to this one and they haven't had much direct impact on the game. However, we are currently focusing on gathering a list of bugs in TMD so that we can fix them and improve your guys' experience here on HavocMC. That being said, I'm asking that if you are aware of any bugs in the game to please report them here in a respectful manner.


    TMD and TMDC Updates


    Hello everyone! We are excited to officially announce our latest updates to TMD and TMD Classic! This update separated the current TMDPVP server into a more realistic survival based TMDPVP server and a more true to its name TMD Classic server with the classic 1.7 mechanics.

    TMD Classic
    TMD Classic is now actually the Classic TMD server everyone fell in love with. Here is a list of the notable changes.
    • Map switched to the full...

    TMD Online Map and Seasons!

    Hey guys,

    We are pleased to announce that the online map for TMD has now updated! We still have to sort out stuff like the labelling and trees but you should be able to find your way around the map now.

    Here is a before and after:


    News for those that are interested, Season 1 will end sometime during the weekend of December 7th to the 9th.

    The fall damage bugged has also been fixed...